Thursday, 25 September 2014

A different approach

In today's world it can seem that you have to use computers to run your day-to-day life.  This frequently leaves people who are not computer literate feeling that they are at a disadvantage.

I dispel the myth by offering tailor-made tuition and advice

You may be viewing this page on a smartphone, on someone else's computer or tablet.  You may be a complete beginner or perhaps you want to learn to do more on your computer but are not confident having a go by yourself. You may need advice on whether you need a computer at all.

I can help, whatever your circumstances

I am passionate about helping people to learn and to become independent computer users.  I offer 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 if you have a partner, friends or relatives who want to learn alongside you.

I offer specialist training that is designed on an individual basis.  You tell me what you want to achieve and I will help you succeed.  My aim is to build your confidence so that you gradually learn to do things independently.  I want you to be able to spend constructive time in front of the screen not hours of frustration

I have worked with computers of all shapes and sizes for over 30 years.  Although I have worked in many areas of the IT world, my favourite role has been in training and training development.

I currently work one afternoon a week on a voluntary basis at my local library in Congleton as an I.T. Buddy.  Demand has outstripped my supply of hours in the library and so I am offering private sessions to individuals either in their own home or at mine.

Free first assessment by telephone or email
Contact me by phone or email to discuss your potential training needs. 

Initial "taster" session £15.  Thereafter £25 per hour in Congleton and within a 20 minute drive of the town.  Beyond this, some travel expenses may be charged.  I can offer reduced rates for block bookings: 5 for the price of 4.

Examples of clients' requests:

  • Computer basics for absolute beginners
  • Assessing if you really need a computer
  • Using the internet to find out information e.g. Google
  • First steps with email
  • Using Skype or Facebook to contact friends and family
  • Internet shopping - Amazon, John Lewis, Waitrose, Tesco and many others
  • Internet buying/selling sites - Ebay, Preloved, Gumtree
  • Local library services e.g. searching, reserving and renewing books
  • Ebooks and e-readers e.g. Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc.
  • Social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr
  • Online news and newspapers
  • Ancestry projects
  • Preparing CVs for submission electronically
  • Managing digital photographs
  • Online applications forms e.g. Job Seekers, Housing Applications, Student loans
  • Help with submitting online information when it is no longer possible on paper
  • Utility companies e.g. how to find the best deal and how to switch
  • Vehicle Excise Duty online and other Government sites
  • Online banking - advice given on setting it up (absolute confidentiality guaranteed) and paying bills
  • Internet security issues and awareness of threats (without worrying too much)
  • Online payment services e.g. PayPal
  • Accessing online entertainment e.g. BBC iPlayer etc, YouTube
  • Overview of Microsoft Word and Excel

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